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Hanningtons Estate; historically the most important retail destination in Brighton.

the vision

joyful eccentricity

Fiercely individual, Hanningtons Estate fuses the old with the new. We bring pioneering fashion, cutting-edge art and inspiring food and produce from around the world to the heart of Britain’s most creative city.

Just 50 minutes from London, Brighton is the prime location for retailers looking to expand outside of the capital

A new cultural quarter

We embrace freedom, tolerance and cultural diversity. We look to unite people through their passion for being different; we celebrate uniqueness and believe in setting trends, not following them, to create a diverse and contemporary retail experience.

The Lanes

a heritage of best in class retail

Hanningtons Department Store, affectionately known locally as the 'Harrods of Brighton', grew from a single shop on North Street into one of the largest single freehold estates in Brighton. The estate sits on a 132 acre site and is the dominant landmark retail pitch at the eastern end of North Street.

The estate has dominated North Street for nearly 200 years; it was the most prestigious shopping address in Brighton. Today it stands ready for another transformation, one that will restore it to its former glory and pride of place in the city centre.

Fiercely individual, Hanningtons Lane sits at the very heart of The Lanes, capitalising on the vibrant mix of local and national boutiques, cafés and restaurants that surround it.

The Lanes continue to be regenerated with the successful development of North Street. A crossing point between The Lanes and East Street are on the horizon for this area.

The Lanes are unique to Brighton and have established themselves as part of Brighton's iconic heritage, representing a beacon for tourists and shoppers. Located at the apex of Brighton's most popular landmarks The Lanes are assured a consistently high footfall.

When surveyed about the main reason for visiting Brighton, 51% of respondents were visiting for shopping.

The principal catchment produces 298k (including 'pull-in')

Brighton's Average Household Income is 6% above the UK average

Highlights of research Figures provided by FSP Retail Business Consultants


Principal catchment 771,000

Expected to grow 7% by 2023

Opportunity to
increase sales (trading gap) £134m

PMA Results

no. 10 retail score

no. 8 fashion score


8 million visitors PA Total non-grocery tourist spend of £267m

All high-income
Acorn Groups over-perform,
Pre-Family (Main wage carner, under 45, no children) 59% above UK

Affluent catchment 18% of residents Rising Prosperity, double the UK average, a further 28% of residents classed as affuent achievers

32500 students in total

Joyful eccentricity

Tourism generates £267 million of non-grocery spend

Brighton has a resident catchment population of 771,000 and a shopping population predicted to increase by 7% by 2023

A uniquely attractive


Brighton is just 56 miles south of London and easily accessible from the capital. Regular train services run from both London Bridge and London Victoria stations with journey times of just over 50 minutes, making Brighton part of the capital’s commuter belt.

Brighton is just as accessible by road with the A23 dual carriageway joining the M23 and then the M25, providing easy access to the capital and beyond.

Britain’s second international hub Gatwick is only 22 miles away, making Brighton an ideal destination for international visitors looking for a vibrant coastal town to visit.*

Brighton dominates its catchment area; the total population within the primary catchment is 771,000.**

Brighton is ranked 6th in the UK’s top towns in terms of retail demand (PROMIS). With 50% of the population within the ABC1 demographic, of which there is an over representation of adults between 25–44 and a non-grocery spend of £1.25 billion, it’s no wonder that Brighton is a principal target for retailers expanding outside of London

In good company

Hanningtons Estate is central to all retail and leisure activity in Brighton

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Centrally positioned, Hanningtons Estate is amongst a plethora of stylish and quirky brands. Visitors flock to these well-loved names and Hanningtons Estate sits within a stone’s throw of their doorsteps.


at the heart of Brighton

With in excess of 8 million visitors flocking to Brighton each year, The Lanes represent a major opportunity for retailers, restaurateurs and cafés.

We’d love to tell you more about our exciting plans.


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